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LIVE UPDATES: Team Takeover vs. Compton Magic @ Fab 48

By Prep Circuit Staff, 07/25/18, 7:15PM EDT


First Half

-At the 9:45 minute mark the @Compton_Magic leads @TTOBasketball 18-13.

-Evan Mobley is getting going early. He's showing why he is arguably the top prospect in the class of 2020. 

-With 6:22 to go in the first half the @Compton_Magic leads @TTOBasketball 26-18.

-Tie ball game With 3:50 to go in the first half! @Compton_Magic 30, @TTOBasketball 30 @LasVegasFab48

-Fun Class of 2020 Big Man battle between Evan Mobley and Hunter Dickinson. Two different style big men going at it. Dickinson is more of a bruiser, while Mobley is more perimeter oriented.

-Justin Moore hits a three to give Team Takeover it's first lead of the game. 35-32 with 1:57 to go in the first half. 

-Halftime: @TTOBasketball 37, @Compton_Magic 34

@Compton_Magic: Evan Mobley (9 points), Jonathan Juzang (8 points)

@TTOBasketball: Justin Moore (9 points), Armando Bacot (7 points)

Second Half

-With 14:00 min to go in the game @TTOBasketball leads @Compton_Magic 42-38 @LasVegasFab48

-@Compton_Magic wing Jonathan Juzang has been good here thus far. He has been hard to stop from the perimeter. @TTOBasketball leads 49-45 with 11:20 to go in the game.

-Evan Mobley is as intriguing as a prospect can be as a rising junior. With his size, length and skill set he is a tough matchup for any team.

-@Compton_Magic & @TTOBasketball tied up at 56 here with six minutes remaining.

-The second half has been as entertaining as the first half thus far. Both teams are trading baskets and making key defensive stops. @Compton_Magic leads @TTOBasketball 62-60 with 3:36 to go.

-With two made free throws from Jeremy Roach @TTOBasketball leads @Compton_Magic 65-64 with 1:59 remaining.

.@Compton_Magic guard Isaiah Hill BANGS a three to tie the game at 69-69 with 40 seconds to go.

-We are headed to overtime! @TTOBasketball & @Compton_Magic tied at 69


-@Compton_Magic: 76, @TTOBasketball: 71 with 1:46 remaining

-Overtime: @Compton_Magic: 78, @TTOBasketball: 77 with 39 seconds remaining

-Overtime: @Compton_Magic: 80, @TTOBasketball: 79 with 5 seconds remaining

-Final: @Compton_Magic: 81, @TTOBasketball 79

-Final: @Compton_Magic: 81, @TTOBasketball: 79

@Compton_Magic: Evan Mobley (24 points), Jonathan Juzang (20 points)

@TTOBasketball: Jeremy Roach (18 points), Armando Bacot (17 points)

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